Congratulations on your Re-election, President of Jubaland State


Ahmed Mohamed Islam President of Jubbaland State.

dhaarCongratulations on your re-election

On behalf of the Somali well-wishers in the Diaspora we are delighted to congratulate you on the landslide victory in Saturday’s election, which reflects the deep cohesion between the people in those regions, given the many spoilers in Mogadishu who tried to stop that from happening. But the people and the parliament of your state, Jubbaland granted you the trophy of election, on the basis of your proven competence for this job from your past record. To that end, this is a clear indication of how lies cannot compete with facts, or deception with honesty.

To you all, the people of the Jubbaland state and the president elected. It would be a needless reminder to say that Somalis are the most homogeneous society, who shares the unyielding values such as: historic territory, common ethnicity, culture, language and religion. So, if not these glorious aspects, what else should we ally ourselves? Definitely tribalism is not the answer! But, in reference to this proverb ‘united we stand’, you must preserve unity in order to overcome almost endless litanies of insecurity and economic ills that is within our grasp, to seize the opportunity.

To the international emissaries (UN and others), if they’re not convinced the invalid lies of the so-called Somali president and the parliament, or being pushed a broad swath of infantile tribal medias, which I highly doubt might be the case. Jubbaland State, with diverse society and humble leadership can well be a role model for the rest of country, so the world community should endorse and directly assist.

Thank you.


  • Gen. Mohamed Osman Qadi
  • Mohamed Mumin Hassan
  • Abdullahi Jama Amir
  • Dhirane Farah Olat
  • Dr. Khalif Hassan Warsame
  • Ugaas, Mahamud Unshur
  • Chieftan, Muse Hassan (Galac)
  • Chieftan, Abdullahi Rabi Abdi
  • Dr.A/Rahman Ali Shire
  • Chieftan Farah Abdi Hirsi
  • Bilan Jama Amir
  • A/Rahman Elmi Buraleh
  • Ambaro-Duwan Adam
  • Nuro Muhumed Quresh
  • A/rizak Khalif Guhad
  • Safia Osman Qadi
  • Farah Abdi Hudleh
  • Farah Hassan–Kolley
  • Farah Kolley

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